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Whitehaven is a beautiful harbour town, with a rich heritage. Recent development has seen the town undergo a dramatic transformation. The harbour dates from 1634 when the first pier was built. Queens dock opened 200 years later. During the mid 18th century, Whitehaven had the third largest port in England.

During the Whitehaven golden years, over 1,000 vessels were built in shipyards and important trading links were established with the New World.

Local collieries were the most impressive of their era, pioneering a host of innovations that would be used throughout the industrialised world. As a result, Whitehaven became one of the busiest ports in the UK. This was a remarkable feat as 100 years previously the town was a small fishing village with six cottages!

Today, these industries have disappeared and Whitehaven is now a place to visit to revel in this amazing period of history.


Whitehaven today
Prosperity was gained during Whitehaven's golden years with trade around the world. In recent years the harbour has been re-developed and is now home to one of the best marinas in the UK with space for over 400 craft. Restoration programmes in recent years have won many awards from organisations such as English Heritage.

William Wordsworth once said: 
"I remember being struck for the first time by the town and port of Whitehaven, and the white waves breaking against its quays and piers".

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