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‘An ancient market town that has kept
its old world charm.’

The glorious Eden Valley lies to the east of the county, in the midst of rolling pasture lands reaching from the banks of the river Eden to the foot of the Pennines

At the centre lies the ancient historic borough of Appleby-in-Westmorland. Once the county town of Westmorland, Appleby was the legal centre with Assize and County Courts. With its wide tree lined main street, with Appleby Castle at the top and St Lawrence’s Church and Cloisters at the bottom, the town has been allowed by time to proudly 

The river, which has proved a natural fortification in the past, winds along the base of the castle walls and encircles the town, before continuing on its journey northwards through the open green of The Butts and the cricket pitch. Offering a bank full of peace and harmony for all those who choose to walk along it. Not forgetting to feed the ducks!

From Appleby centre the delights of the surrounding villages are not to be missed, such as Dufton, or Milburn, with their old village houses grouped around the large greens; or further south the hamlets of Ormside and Sandford originating from solid red sandstone farmsteads. Not forgetting the larger villages of Warcop and Soulby.



Tailor made trips 
Since summer 2004 it has been possible to tailor make a your own trip in this quiet part of Cumbria, with accommodation booked for you in advance, and your own personal guide if you wish. Alternatively, there is a guidebook full of local historical anecdotes for you to follow, or for the more adventurous a hand held multi media guide.

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